Company history:


   Hesse Automotive was established in 1979, at the present location.  The type of repair work consisted of mostly farm equipment, medium duty trucks, cars and light trucks.  In the early 80ís electronic test equipment was bought in order to troubleshoot the first of the computer controlled engines appearing in cars and light trucks.  Test equipment was added and upgraded from that time until the present.  I began to specialize in testing, troubleshooting and repairing late model light trucks and cars, and moving away from farm equipment repair and automotive general repair.


 In the mid 80ís diesel pickups began to appear with performance problems and I decided to do full scale testing and diagnosis on these vehicles, so more test equipment was added.  In 1988, the planning started to add a chassis dynamometer to the shop to be able to test vehicles underload and measure horsepower to compare to rated power.  In 1989 a Clayton Chassis Dynamometer was installed in the shop and is still in operation. 


 Vehicle testing, troubleshooting and repair are still the focus with turbo diesel pickups being a large part of the market, horsepower upgrades for these vehicles are also done, with before and after horsepower measurement to verify results.


  A Super Flow large roll, high horsepower Dyno was installed in January 2005.  This Dynamometer is equipped with twin eddy current brakes, and an excellent data acquisition system.  This dyno is different from the inertia only dynos, this unit can be programmed to provide load from the eddy breaks in addition to the inertia of the rolls for testing under a variety of conditions.